We are members of SABT /SABBA /

Tigerberg Boerboels is a small family kennel.
Before we found this wonderful breed we kept and loved many different breeds, such as the Fila Brasiliero, Neapolitan Mastiff, Dogo Argentino, Dogue de Bordeaux, Barzoj, German Shepard and American Staffordshire terrier.
I had some amazing 14 years with my first American Stafford, named Kony. I was a private dog trainer and did Obedience and Protection work demonstrations at Dog Shows. She was a very intelligent dog and learned new commands in seconds. I never expected to find these traits in any other dog. Great was my surprise, when I got my first boerboel and found the same lovely, playful personality and great learning ability -no wonder I am hooked for life. The Boerboel is also called the South African Mastiff.

Our Boerboels are our pets and loved members of our family. All of them live together in harmony and roam freely in our property. They are great companions and protectors of the whole family.


Our dogs are all trained in different levels, some have basic obedience and some have advance training. We believe, and our experience is, that pups which are born from parents which are not kennel dogs, but part of the family, are much more easily trainable and more social.          

We are trying to keep the original function and working ability of the breed and selecting our dogs accordingly.Stable temperament ,sound conformation are all very important.

Parents are carefully selected months before the actual mating occurs and because of this we breed only once or twice a year. We have no problem travelling far to find the right male for our female.