About GR.Ch.Doringberg Patrys


Born : 2003-03-25                 R.I.P 2010′

SABT :89%              EBBASA: 95.3%  -Best Female of the day

Shoulder height :62cm

weight : 60kg

HD:0-0            ED:0-0

Clear of Entropion,Ectropion and No Vaginal Hyperplasia.

Father: Linjo Mafusa

Mother:  2004’National Champion Bitch -Visbank Elsa 87.4%  /brindle color/

Patrys is a unigue female,so perfect in many ways.But looking at her bloodline it is not surprising,with ancestors like Roenard Martiens,Meastro Nada,Piona Lugar,Avontuur Simba,Avontuur Maritza,Dopper Nina,Corma Buks,she was made to be a Champion.

She have a very correct conformation,beautiful straight thick front legs,strong thick rear pasterns,excellent big head with no loose skin,but nice firm eye lids,broad-deep muzzle,lots of muscle over the entire body/maybe a bit raff looking from this,not her feminine side/,good angulations,nice short top line.Her hindquarter is perfect,broad and muscular which also give her the powerful movement.

Patrys is a very lovely female,with temperament to die for,she loves being around the family,good with childrens and other dogs,pets.Her temperament is very stable,calm,but dont mess with her as she easily jumps the 6 foot wall.

We have 2 boy from her, Bom-Bear and Tano.Bom-Bear is a lot like her mom,But Patrys did gave her correct built and beautiful bone structer to both of her pup.Bom-Bear hopefully completing his Therapy dog exam very soon.



SABT 2008′ North West Province show Senior Class winner ,Senior Champion

and Grand Champion.



sire:Linjo Mafusa 77.8%

Dopper Dominique 88.6%

Corma Buks 80%

Dopper Nina 77%

De Poort Mafuta 76%

Maestro Baron 74.6%

Ingrid Wendy 76.3%

dam:Visbank Elsa 87.4%

2004′ National Champion,

Senior Champion

Avontuur Simba 84.1%

Roenard Martiens 89.9%

Avontuur Maritza  —


Maestro Nadi  78.5%

Maestro Moses 83.7%

Maestro Nada 93.4%