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 ABOUT Honey-bee

Born : 2009/12/07       

Working qualification title : BH , CGC , IPO-VO

SABT:  86.7%  at 18mo.               

EBBASA : 87.5% under the new appraising system, and with this she was Best female of the day

Shoulder height : 66cm                                                                                                                         weight : 65 kg

HD: 0-0   

Clear of entropion and ectropion.No sign of VH./Clear of Vaginal Hyperplasia/
Father : Afrika Impi 87.7%  /HD 0-0 , ED 0-0/

Mother : Tigerberg Shakira-CGC  80.4%  /HD 0-0 , ED 0-0/

Honey-bee 2. have her own story to tell.As you can see the number 2.after her name means that she is our second -Honey-bee. From her parents first litter the first Honey-bee been born who turned out stunning and exactly what we wanted as a working dog after they mommy.Unfortunately we could not keep a new pup at that stage so the first Honey-bee went to a great home in the Cape where she is enjoying a superb busy life with all kind of farm animals.

Than after 2 years we just could not forget her and decided that we want another Honey-bee.So the second litter from the same combination was born.

We was so happy when we saw little ‘new’ Honey born ,we did recognised her immediately and felt very normal that she is there again.They looked like twins.In this second litter we had many of the pups copies from the first litter.Many of them looked like twins.

She is really special and we should call her Honey-bee the ‘BUSY-BEE’  as she is full of energy,super agile and just a joy to live with.Oh well i cant deny that she is naughty too,loves jumping high into the air and flying over the other dogs when playing.She have great muscle tones and beautiful shoulders and hind quarter,overall correctly built,extremely well balanced.

Her temperament is Exactly what we was looking for to one day replace her mommy.I needed a working type female with agile body and an active working type attitude,just like they mom Shakira.I Believe that Honey and brother Dino will carry on the excellent working genes in our kennel.

Honey also inherited her mom’s correct movement.She also likes to carry toys with her all day long.

Achievements :

Sabt: 2010′ Regional show  3.place.

Ebbasa : 2011’Pretoria show 3.place.

KUSA :/Kennel Union Of Southern Africa/

2010′ 06.27 :Honey’s first show at 6,5 months old :Best Puppy ,Best of Breed and Working Puppy Group 3.place

2010′ 08.21 :Honey’s first CH show: Best Puppy, Res.Best of Breed, Res.CC’ AND Working Puppy Group 4.place !

2010′ 10.08 :FCI Show:graded ‘Excellent’.Critique:Exc.Type,exc.body proportions,exc.mover,exc.temp.and condition.

2010′ 10.09 :CH show ,judge was Kusa president Mr.Gregg Eva: Honey won Best Puppy,Best of Breed and CC’

2010′ 10.31 :Res.Puppy and Res.Best of Breed.

2010′ 11.07 :Res.Puppy,Res.Best of Breed.

2010′ 11.14 :Res.Best of Breed and Mini Grand Group 4.place.

Qualified / Invited to the Best of the Best Competition.

2011’01.16 : Best of breed, Best Junior and Junior Group 3.place

2011’02.06 : won Best of Breed.

2011’02.13 : Res.Best of Breed ,Best Junior.

2011’03.19 : winning CC’, Best of Breed and Best Junior

2011’03.25 : won her third CC’, Best Junior, Res.Best of Breed

2011’03.26 :  won her forth CC’ , Best Junior. 

2011’04.23 : Res. CC’ , Best Junior, Res. BOB.

2011’04.29 :  CC’ ,Best Junior, Res.BOB.

2011’04.30 :  CC’ , Best Junior.

2011’05.01 : CC’card , Best Junior, Res.BOB.

2011’05.14 : Res.CC’ , Res.BOB

2011’05.15 : CC’ , Res.Best of Breed., Best Junior  -this was her last entry as a Junior ,and collected 10 Best Junior title until this day.

2011’06.25 :  CC’ ,Res.BOB.

2011’06.26 : Best of Breed

2011’07.17 : Best of Breed

2011’08.19 : Res.CC’

2011’08.20 : Res.BOB, CC’

2011’08.21 : Best of Breed ,CC.

2011’08.26 : Best of Breed ,CC.

2011’08.27 : CC’ , Res.Best of Breed

2011’08.28 : CC’ , Res.Best of breed

2011’10.07 : FCI SHOW –Graded Excellent

2011’10.08 : won CC’

2011’10.09 : CC’



sire:Afrika Impi   87.7%

hd,ed 0-0

Avontuur Anton 92.2%hd 0-0

Corma Buks 80%


Avontuur Poulien 83.2%

Afrika Bianca 80.5%

hd 0-0, ed 0-0

Dopper Nostra 86.5%

Rustverwacth Lulu 86.3%


dam:Tigerberg Shakira


hd,ed 0-0

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