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Tigerberg Brolloks GALLERY


Sabt : 87.9%       Ebbasa : 93.5% Best male of the day

Shoulder height :70 cm           

Weight :85 kg

HD A2-A2 /0-0/   , ED 1-1.

Clear of Entropion,Ectropion.

Father : Afrika Impi 87.7%  /hd0-0, ed0-0./

Mother : Tigerberg Shakira 80.4% /hd0-0 ,ed 0-0/

Brolloks is an amazing dog he have everything a breeder should ask for.Very correctly built with a huge head /got full score for head/ over all very broad and compact body with lots of well defined and prominent muscles.His front is enormous with big muscular shoulder and thick arched neck.

His hind quarter is wide/broad and deep with big muscles-just to name a few of his qualities.

His temperament is excellent,good guard dog for his family, and great with childrens and other pets.His just a big softy when comes to playing and very gentle even with small pups.

One of his daughter just been scored at 91.3% at only 17 mo.old.


SABT Gauteng show 2009’Res.Senior CH and winner of 18-24 months old class.

World Show Parys 2009′ Senior class 5.place

Listed in World Top 50 boerboel male 2009′



sire:Afrika Impi   87.7%


hd,ed 0-0


Avontuur Anton 92.2%hd 0-0

Corma Buks 80%

Avontuur Poulien 83.2%

Afrika Bianca 80.5%

Dopper Nostra 86.5%

Rustverwacth Lulu 86.3%


dam:Tigerberg Shakira,80.4%


hd,ed 0-0

Ysterberg Mouzer Lompies  80.7%

Ysterberg Vegter  3.81.3%

Ysterberg Maggie 2.

Marvell Annalize Bagira83.6%


Chrisbo Bailey 86.3%

El Shadai Tyra 86.5%