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ABOUT Del Diabolo /Dino


Born : 2009/12/07

SABT : 88.8% at 18 mo.old        EBBASA :86.5% under the new appraising system.

Shoulder height: 72cm                                                                                                                                                                   Weight :  85 KG 

HD: 0-0                            

Clear of entropion and ectropion.

Father : Afrika Impi 87.7%  /HD 0-0 , ED 0-0/

Mother : Tigerberg Shakira – CGC   80.4%  /HD 0-0 , ED 0-0/

Dino is a younger brother to our Brolloks and also litter mate to Honey-bee. Dino is turning out exactly what we expected when he was born.He have a huge very correct broad head, and strong short and deep muzzle. 

Dino have very thick bones ,compact body, very impressive wide/broad chest and strong muscular schoulders.

Dino’s temperament is just the best we could wish for.He have a great personality,good with all other dogs and people.He is very playful and friendly.

He is always ready to do something,loves running crazy with his sister Honey-bee or even just happy to do some obedience.He is very easy to train ,just like all our pups from our Shakira.Dino right now at 16 mo.old are doing more advanced training and protection work , he doing really well and enjoying him self.

Dino is an easy going and ‘happy go lucky’ type dog.


Sabt 2010′ Centurion show 6-9 mo.class 2.place

Sabt 2011′ Regional show ,18-24mo.class  2.place.

Ebbasa 2011′ Pretoria show  ,1-4yr old male class 1.place. 

Kusa :-2010′ 05.01. Best of breed ,Best Puppy ,and Working puppy Group 3.place

 2010′ 06.27. His first Obedience competition at only 6,5 months old,won 3.place

 2010′ 07.10 . At 7 months old entered his first Kusa Championship show ,won Best Puppy,Best of Breed and CC’.

 2010′ 07.25 .  At 7,5 months old won 1.place at obedience competition. 

 2010’10.08 . At FCI show Graded :Excellent   /Critique :excellent type,excellent head,excellent body proportions ,good mover.Excellent condition and temperament./

– 2011′ 08.19. Dino won Best of Breed and CC’ ,same day he achieved his Canine Good Citizen Title.

– 2011′ 08.20.  Won CC’

– 2011′ 08.21.   won CC’

– 2011′ 08.26.  awarded CC’

– 2011′ 08.27. won CC’

– 2011′ 08.28. again won CC’

– 2011′ 10.01. SABT regional show Dino won second place in his class 18-24mo.old

– 2011′ 10.07. at FCI show graded Excellent

– 2011′ 10.08. CC’ and Res.Best of Breed

– 2011′ 10.09. CC’ , Res.Best of Breed.



sire:Afrika Impi   87.7%

hd,ed 0-0

Avontuur Anton 92.2%
hd 0-0

Corma Buks 80%

Avontuur Poulien 83.2%

Afrika Bianca 80.5%

Dopper Nostra 86.5%

Rustverwacth Lulu 86.3%


dam:Tigerberg Shakira,80.4%

hd,ed 0-0

Ysterberg Mouzer Lompies  80.7%

Ysterberg Vegter  3.81.3%

Ysterberg Maggie 2.

Marvell Annalize Bagira83.6%


Chrisbo Bailey 86.3%

El Shadai Tyra 86.5%