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Born : 27.July. 2016

Sabbs LINEAR score : 90.2 % best male of the day

HD:    0-0        ED: 0-1

Weight: 84kg            Height: 72 cm.

Father : Tigerberg Hannibal

Mom: Mascot Millenium Bella Belissima

He is litter brother of Draco.


Vito is a super thick boy, with correct structure and a huge head. He is a robust type. Despite his size he have easy movement and his is a very active dog.
He have great guarding insctincts and he likes to please his owner , super easy to train. He is an always happy type.
Vito loves puppies, he is a big teddy bear and lets them climb on him.


Show results: 
2017.07. Best Junior, CAC, BEST OF BREED, Best in Show 1.
2017. 05 Best puppy, BOB.